Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Melanie B - Hot

Hot is Melanie B's first album outside the Spice Girls. It wasn't a hit in the UK charts nor was it with the Spice Girls fans (or was it?). There are just a few tracks that stood out for me - Tell Me, Lullaby and Feels So Good. This album wasn't as strong as Melanie C's first effort.

1. Feels So Good
2. Tell Me
3. Hell No
4. Lullaby
5. Hotter
6. Step Inside
7. ABC 123
8. I Believe
9. I Want You Back
10. Pack Your Shit
11. Feel Me Now

Watch out for the first albums of the other Spices!


Βασίλης Αγοραστός said...

Hello! can i have the password pls? thanks for keeping spice alive!

Admin said...

My fave song is "Lullaby"

Aristra Oori D'RiShe said...

Could you give me password please

Ey said...

I've been looking for this forever. What's the password?

Matt Martinez said...

Thank you sooo much!