Thursday, July 05, 2007

[Requests] SpiceMates Most Wanted

It's Request Friday!

NOTE: Please, when you make a request make sure you leave your names. I will make an exception this time but next time an 'Anonymous' won't get any request granted.

Mike requested any Earl's Court audios. Here are three of my favorite performances!
Who Do You Think You Are (Live At Earl's Court)
Right Back At Ya (Live At Earl's Court)
Holler (Live At Earl's Court)

An anonymous fan requested for Victoria's debut album. You know the rules... but here is one of my favorites in the album.
Watcha Talkin' Bout

Another anonymous lad requested for Yeh Yeh Yeh remixes. Hmm.. I'll give you the radio mix.
Yeh Yeh Yeh (Radio Mix)

Memoires of Sergio requested for Naked (Instrumental). Again please go through all the posts first before requesting. This has been posted already bundled with Jorge Lima Remix.
Naked (Instrumental)
Naked (Jorge Lima Remix)

Anonymous yet again requested Victoria remix tracks. Search search first. Here are some from your list.
Not Such An Innocent Girl (Sunship Mix)
Not Such An Innocent Girl (Sunship Radio Edit)
Not Such An Innocent Girl (Robbie Rivera's Main Mix)

Spicejoe requested for A Girl Like Me album. We all know the rules. But here are two of my favorites from Emma's debut album.
A World Without You
She Was A Friend Of Mine

Another anonymous fellow requested one of Victoria's unreleased tracks.

Francis requested a track off Victoria's unreleased album 'Open Your Eyes'.

Deacon asked for Melanie C's third single.
Never Be The Same Again (Feat. Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes)

Our amazing affiliate - VipMedia - requested for rough tracks off Melanie C's Northern Star era. Here are two of my favorites. And watch out as we post the songs in rough versions.
Suddenly Monday (Rough Mix)
Follow Me (Rough Mix)

Now, you know the drill. Comment and say thanks!


Anonymous said...

Thanks once again for updates!

VipMedia said...

Once again THANK YOU!Amaizing stuff!Loving all of these,I will SO download all of these,Except for the ones ive got.

Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Wow Lot of melanie C Here

deacon said...

Oh my God !!! thank you lets see if i can help you with the missing links

Francis said...

Thanks a million for the Bittersweet

sarah_jean said...

thank you for these!

Mike from the Block said...

Is there a Mel C B-sides album you can post?? Thanx in advance!!